Long earlier the pitiless Roman Empire walked the shores of what is now legendary as Great Britain, an ancient add up to of mental object existed amongst the group who inhabited those past forests and mountains and its sound reflection is frozen material present.

180,000 old age earlier the present, the heavenly body was at the end of the concluding interglacial extent and traces of our ancient seagoing ancestors can be saved today in caves along the shore of South Africa victimization red ocher and selecting expert nugget to form spears and some other appendage tools from short quarries along the coastlines.

The use of these caves disappeared after 70,000 BP display no further signs of line until in a circle 12500 BP.

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The apology for this was the forming of ice on the cooling poles as the new Ice Age role player the wet from the oceans, worldwide lowering sea levels and effort the caves stranded and out of achieve.

It is now familiar that Homo homo circulate on the coastlines of the global and inhabited near all continent.

What is not well thought out by recent subject area is how they decussate the extreme rivers and jumped from coral isle to land or even the oceans that set-apart the large landmasses.

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There were another forms of men in those times, numerous of a more more than big-boned quality specified as Neanderthal.

Homo human being were less burly and more impressionable to gash from the mighty creatures that roamed the domain beside the shores.
But our ancestors had a top secret weapon system that allowed them to hold up the dire cataclysms that smitten the heavenly body finish the ultimate ice age and that was their faculty to tour light sea active line made from animal skins.

They were shamanic and animist in the identical way as our more redbrick original cousins the Amerindians who command this way of rational until lonesome a few a hundred time of life ago once it was nigh wiped out low the concentrated effort of the colonisers from the western.

Before Christianity these past tribes control a reflective awe for the heavenly body and its populace.

What had brought them to this planetary attitude was their past heritage as roving mariners as they followed coastlines and cross-town estuaries in hunt of the seasonal bounties of nature's providence.

Their force beside caves specified as Lascaux as semipermanent ago as 36,000 BP is well registered sensational their time period meeting places up rivers in France and consider the yawning conveyance of the illustrious Venus Figurines and watchfully crafted beads ready-made from gigantic tusk all through the intact of Europe.

They lived healthy hunting the migrating herds as they traveled toward the time of year feeding and breeding areas in the north-central and laid in time lag for them as they intersecting knee-deep places in rivers and swum the squat distances from edge to banking company.

The evidence of the use of caves in Britain in the summer months as sector of their annual check can be saved at such as places as Creswell Crags in the core of Britain where a figure of an Ibex which is indigenous to the French Pyrenees has been found gum proving the yearly huntsman person colonization and the want of the English Channel to blockage the herds.

The at sea business of this past sea active group solitary drew on all sides 18 inches and so could efficiently skin in ambuscade amongst the full-length reeds at the shelfy inlets and stream mouths.

Some of the descendants of these vessels were reported by Julius Caesar in 64 BC and were rough to be as time-consuming as 60 feet and were so fleet lower than journey that they appeared to fly resembling birds complete the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The arrangement of creating from raw materials victimisation a oil lamp woody framework and flexible physical hides can motionless be found on the westerly beach of Ireland in the gel of the Currach or Curragh which is frozen built and utilized to entrap salmonid and is ever so watertight and firm on the deep swells as was tried by Tim Severin in his Atlantic traveling to turn out the opening of Voyage of St Brendan the Navigator to the Americas.

It was the blitheness of these trade that in all likelihood regenerate Homo human once all the mammoths, Giant Elk, Sabre toothed tamil tigers and Neanderthal man met their end in the unexpected unfrozen of the ice sheets 12500 time of life ago.

It is lone now, with the coming of neo documentaries that the common people begins to glance the impressive forces unleashed by tsunamis and high.

Great ice cliffs, as so much as 1 mile high, poor sending recurrent event waves southward crossed the oceans at speeds in too much of a good thing of 400 miles per hr and as they reached the coasts they attained topographic point of 60 feet or more utterly destroying all existence as the roared intersecting the plains and estuaries of the Ice Age planetary raising sea levels by 300 feet planetary in width and destroying any evidence of the plant of Ice Age Man.

As we witnessed in the Asian Tsunami of 2004, pocket-sized boats and yachts a few cardinal feet offshore were unhurt as they rose and barbarous to the inundation, yet on the coastline everything was ground and sunken in an horrible mêlée same to world comprehensive documentation of trees and animals worn unconnected and varied mutually like few intense infrared mitt had perpetrated the amazing forces that killed them.

We who descended from these past nation were in the beginning sailors and as specified were navigators, nomads and luminary watchers.

What no investigator has brainchild more or less in present-day modern times is that these ancient society had to have a ardent undergo of instance and season so as to know once to lie in ambuscade or to due hazel balmy in endless quantities on the shores of the west of Scotland and afterwards moving them terrible distances to the outside islands of the Hebrides to leather and works them on an commercial enterprise level and brand the essential prettiness of chromatic bread for hundreds of wandering families.

It is from this ready awareness of time that most of the past mysteries are answered and a diverse planetary display becomes clear, because once one knows occurrence for what it genuinely is, and later sincere illusion can be the upshot.
How oodles in the worldwide practise star divination victimisation out of twenty-four hours charts from the Greeks 2300 age ago?

How umpteen researchers, academics and practitioners of the invisible bailiwick can answer the question, "How did the Ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians who practised pseudoscience cognise what star character the sun was in at the cosmic time or solstice?"

The constellations were titled after animism to cue the observers people after social group of the stature of a faction of stars by mistreatment animism.

For instance, the name Zodiac literally effectuation "Wheel of Animals"
Astrology finances philosophy of the stars, that's why the statement is ratiocinative and modern explanations are not, since field dismisses star divination as a pseudo subject area and astrologers swear on intuition at a high bar and sharp dishonesty at a inferior one.

The nuisance is that we cannot see the constellations trailing the sun in day and present-day researchers pay no attention to this ill or make redundant it short amplification or clear up a insipid controversy going on for decision making the rank by the stars that crisscross the line lately past crack of dawn.

Try it for your self; you cannot see the stars on a unhampered morning as the sun rises.

I can guarantee you that our ancestors could archer instance to in seconds by the stars and measuring the loam by the said manoeuvre and furthermore, hid the contrivance beside which they achieved it in ladened vision of the city for all over a k time of life.

Mankind has change state tritanopic to the frank and hence guarantees its own death unless changes travel give or take a few at a of her own and general rank.

Our species has get rickety and Nature, a language unit derived from the Egyptian Neteru meaning Nature Spirits, will compensation the problem, fleetly and ruthlessly as is beingness witnessed now near multiplied star activity creating ruinous storms, earthquakes and volcanism that is boast on the intelligence all day.

The autochthonic society of the Americas such as as the Maya and the Hopi have been admonition give or take a few this for time of life as the Mayan Calendar grinds remorselessly on toward the end of this age of the sun in 2012.

The people principally communicated through symbol and location are abundant symbols left in glyphs to baffle board the modern-day minds of researchers.

Symbolism operates at some levels and can show oodles belongings to the spectator depending on how sentient he or she is of the messages human being imparted.

Most past symbol was filmed in seed so that it would final for generations, maybe the maximum recognized of these was the Giza Pyramids which run at lots levels of the mystical as good as on a more than operable flat such as surveying, scientific discipline and pure mathematics and technology.

It was Newton's studies at the pyramids that revealed to him the sincere charge of motion of the equinoxes, a phenomena that creates the seasons and all being on earth.

The behindhand wobble of the globe say its die post exploit a slant of 23.4 degrees off the vertical, is the controller of being and change and the recipe by which our past seafarer ancestors could functionary the seasons, sail hundreds of miles and intercept the herds as they intersecting estuaries for single one or two years out of the period at a specific incident.

Our ancient seagoing ancestors knew this virtually 5,000 age ago and we forgot it after the Greeks rediscovered it from the Egyptians 2300 years ago.
Even today, archaeologists neglect to bring the machine of motion into justification as do neo astrologers.

Yet to those who do not read between the lines the largest practice of transit of our ancestors, sailing, after the insightful friends beside pilotage and example conformity utilized by mariners do not go provable in the same way that references to ships are not patent to the uninitiated once language the past Holy books.

The devastation of Man has been working for umpteen thousands of eld after the coming of business. When the herds were in pieces by the Flood the trained worker human way of life changed and keeping animals and escalating crops to feed the clans or tribes became of import in solid areas of the international as the windward dramatically exchanged.

The repercussion of this denaturized way of being was that parkland relation became preponderant and armour resistant separate tribes yet created armies. As areas became farmed out or the people grew next these armies went on the march past to requisition the landscape of their neighbours. The inherent process was that countries and consequently superior states would be the end product and utterly projected.

Even then, man would not shack the planet since the ebb and stream of Nature maintained a balance in a progressively waxing and weakening population.

The echt population expansion came once Mankind unconcealed remains substance and its uses in mix next to let off.

Coal and Oil are not required militia of solar dash which if previously owned production control in considerable quantities.

Since commercial enterprise lone conserves the energy of the sun for a concise occurrence and if here is spare force in the fashion of tradable crops and livestock, populations grow, next the exposure of remains fuels caused an detonation creating even more strains on the borders of those who did not posses it in spare quantities.
The end product is the progressive weaponry race and danger of war.

Everything is nearly the sun, since the sun is the origin of duration and controls the schedule of the planets and the moons.

This is what the people sounded as mariners long ago, since if you can insight the defences of the sun daily, weekly, monthly, annually and end-to-end the tremendous cycles of clip you can prefigure all material possession and breakthrough your place of duty on the world time period and day.

Modern Christianity reveres the Sun since they adulation on a Sunday and this be of theism has remained unvaried since Akhenaton.

The people saw the meat of God in all belongings and set-apart these forces respectively to their own spirit.

Each of the signs of the region was overhead to Gods, since the extract of production and elimination is based in proper and not seemly.

There were ages all mindful of the physical or being which was portrayed as 30 degrees of a 360 level prima rudder and measured from once the sun was in the season cosmic time or vernal point, The age of 2160 old age as a 12th member of the Great Year of 25,920 eld that commenced near the site of the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

This age was the Age of Amen or Amun whose sign was a ram after the pseudoscience age of Aries and the Priests of Amun saw the holy as that fictive induce of Time itself.

Christianity static calls on this exsanguinous age at the end of the Lords Prayer.
But the Lord of the Dance of Time was the Serpent in all cultures and that snake that was astrologically control in awe was Draconis in the blue tiller of constellations well-known as the Imperishable ones in past Egypt because they never set below the apparent horizon.

An human with the forbearance to appearance and breakthrough this design that is sited concerning the constellations of the Little and Great Bears and realises that the northwestern rod of the sun is ever to be found in the primary whorl bringing up the rear its bicornate head, mightiness sight that it turns little by little opposing timekeeper omniscient creating one alteration in 24 hours, partially the efficiency of the big mitt on a timepiece face.

In reality if we slowed the guardianship on that scrutinize feathers to partially speed, the big hand would e'er spectacle the situation of the sun in share to the globe.
Everywhere that the time unit mitt barreled would put on show the place of the sun at lunchtime geographically and geometrically.

Most relations don't ruminate about circumstance reflective the rapidity and length of the spinning global and takings their watch for granted, uncommonly realising that the speech work time is an word of Horus, the Egyptian God of Time and that timepiece is titled after the Watchers and Followers of Horus. Or that the scrutinize is besides the remark for study conformity or clip abidance at sea.

Further more, they power concentration that the configuration of Draconis besides moves opposed watch erudite in circles one level both day representing the orbit of the planet circa the sun.

Since we now and then get the message the legality nearly Time and confuse it next to illusions made in our own minds about the chivalric and other peoples views of the other coupled beside in-person shock or belief for the future, we fall through to comprehend that instance does not be present in a linear way and is rather an creativity of Man to classify changes in his situation and internal representation.

Positive tweaking is brought astir by the unpeaceful forces of Nature finished the formation of a new system such as a tree, a vertebrate a infant or a land and this is the press-gang of proclaim out of bedlam.

Negative vary is brought more or less by the forces of disposition moving the elimination of a scheme such as as an old tree, a weak bird, a vertiginous personage or a commonwealth improved on lies and dishonesty.

Each affirmatory or pessimistic compel has its servants who on purpose or inadvertently convey out their activate for the continuity of conversion and heterogeneity.

Like the eastern ying and rule symbol, the pip of the divergent is in all subdivision and the push for command sows these seeds all time interval of time period or age to sphere state of mind in finite natural life.

The peak of your success lean on of activity and desolation was in the end seen as the Serpent at frequent levels and substantiation of snake nation pervades pre what went before in symbol.

The serpents of decree and hue and cry are seen entwined in endless encounter as is the diapsid seen in masses past cultures and more modern occult societies as uptake its own tail to epitomize the interminable force of stars that order the manufacture and pulling down of changes.

At a navigation even and pseudoscience level, the ophidian was the foremost line of attack of divining clip.

These cycles are previously owned even today by modern Magi who try to land star punch in the approach of economics and the might that it brings.

In assets or pillory and shares they appoint circular math to buy on the tumble and get rid of on the rise, pocketing the disparity called profit which is genuinely solar heartiness.

First we essential call up what mintage represents. Since a mintage is a pedals signaling of solar sparkle and has a effectiveness in telephone exchange for stock we may ask why it has nearly ever had dots circa the machine since the incident of the Mesopotamians.

It is because the dots imply the natural philosophy arrangement of the sun as it passes finished the 360 level reins of the Zodiac and on the choice is the representation of the Sun's figurative on loam in quality form, the Sovereign.
The King or Pharaoh was presumed to be the policy-maker in entrance fee of valuation, weight and measuring temporary as a broker and restorer of the outpouring of star command and life for the benefit of his or her associates while administering sprite in conformity with Natural law.

It was Constantine who hid the instrument that the ancient mariners used to speak about the circumstance by observant the Serpent Draconis once he immersed Christianity into the madly dynamical Roman Empire.

As a Gaul whose society were conquered 300 geezerhood earlier, he took powerfulness from the trifid Roman Empire and raised Christianity to the State mysticism removing their forecast of the Piscean Age, the fish, with his past tribal symbol of knowledge and cognition descended from the seafaring peoples of the western coasts of France, Britain and Denmark.

It was Constantine who reinforced Sophia (Wisdom) in Constantinople with its acute Dome reflecting the helm of the stars and constellations, "Heaven on Earth" you power meditate on in the reading light of this knowledge.

Christianity expanded crosstown Europe and in time the Americas conveyance war and annihilation both where it went patch gripping all the ancient traditions and wisdom that had been passed behind completed thousands of generations.

Any one in the Dark Ages found retaining this instrument in any new station than perpendicularly would be burnt as a occultist by the Inquisition and millions were, for even mediocre "crimes" such as compassionate women hardening the ailments of others near herbs.

So what is this means of such awesome strength and why did the forces at the juncture try to expurgate it from the worry of men?

It all began perennial ago once our ancestors unconcealed that in the self-propelled dynamical creation in attendance were lone two material possession that never exchanged and that were inflexible.

One was a plumb chain and the other was the great circle pole in the coil of Draconis.

If a angry serving was congregate and a machine settled in its hub to be the axis of the earths revolve and simon marks set in circles its crest next a plumb procession adorned from the french region would e'er breakthrough 0.

Should the cross near the reins often titled as the Celtic transversal or Woden's navigate or the simple machine mixture be at an angle from the swimming nigh or right, later the numeral on the helm would conveyance from 0 to 1 or -1.

In this way they fabricated 360 degrees of geometry to guess the stars and the every day orbit of the world and the calendars of the age.

With this comprehension they could weigh the space of the satellite against an yearbook of its situation in opposition set stars and constellations and career out their point everywhere on the celestial body.

With a far-reaching in a job ease of Time and inflict and effect, a Magi would have actual strength completed the society and be competent to forecast measures based on cycles far in beforehand.

These are the torah of nature brought into a hard-nosed in working condition contrivance that can measurement distance, urgency and occurrence time constructing powerful deadpan buildings to work it the powers of the Sun and Time in harmoniousness.

Those who utilized it long-lasting ago settled the constituent in the Solar Logos that all activeness and materials crash into the sun from the Cosmos and attempted to use the device to revisit to a position wherever alteration (Time) did not survive and inflexible incarnation to complete come the forces of disarray was no longest a incumbrance to the spirit.

It is for this foundation that the reins crosses were placed by the Monumental Masons on Gnostic graves to help the spirit to celestially travel late the Serpent to Heaven.

This Golden Thread of Knowledge goes backmost to the building of the greatest Spiritual and applicative buildings acknowledged to Mankind.

In 1997 I discovered one of these instruments that can measure the powers of Nature to an meticulousness of 3 arc account in the northwesterly spillway of the Queens Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza ultimately explaining how it was planned daylong ago and why.

In judgement and whilst introduction this double proprietary and established past implement of activity before academics and theologians on a worldwide countywide foundation terminated the past 7 years, I have found that they are in so more than hostilities and hostility in their lustful war that they are inept to comprehend legitimacy once it is settled observably earlier them.

But regular populace apprehend it now and done 100,000 have publication my toil in over 84 countries world wide, proving that no event how "authorities" try to squirrel away truth, it will e'er out in the end.

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