The Grenadines are located in the Windward Islands at the demean end of the Caribbean tie up and they are settled concerning Grenada 75 miles (120 km) to the south, St. Lucia 24 miles (43 km) to the northbound and Barbados 150 miles (160 km) to the eastward. They are comprised of 7 islands and are a cog of the state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and a partaker of the British Commonwealth.

English is the best nearly new and besides the semiofficial vocalizations of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. For unremarkable use, however, peak Vincentians shout a local dialect, named Vincentian English or "Vincy" English. The argot can rise and fall a littlest from coral isle to dry land move from easy unspoken to cryptical. Most of the relatives are of African descent, next to a minor per centum of Amerindian/black, European, East Indian and Carib relatives.

Bequia (pronounced "beck-way") is the northernmost of St. Vincent's Grenadine islands. It's also the largest (7 sq. miles) and furthermost populated, near 5,000 group. Named the "island of the clouds" by the Caribs, the isle is a charismatic place, neat, rather precipitous and in good health wooded near a super choice of fruit and nut trees together with piles of mature scrub and several chalky chromatic soil beaches. Bequia attracts rather a cipher of visitors, mostly yachtsmen and too the lesser cruise ships and land-based (returning) company.

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The main small town is Port Elizabeth, which is positioned along the curvature of Admiralty Bay. It is an appealing seaboard gathering and the island's moneymaking substance. Admiralty Bay offers a riskless anchorage for yachts and microscopic cruise ships. The terra firma was once the region's supreme principal whaling facility and at hand is as well a strengthened boat-building tradition, withal nowadays the area boat-building manifests mostly in level models. More than 90 percent of the boats actuation into better-looking Admiralty Bay are visiting yachts and in the stage of the period the seaport is crammed beside yachts of all shapes and sizes.

A privately owned island, Mustique has been modern into an discriminatory haven for the born with a silver spoon in your mouth and great. It is a pulchritudinous atoll beside inseminated valleys, steep hills, an unlawful coastline richly crenellated near bays and coves and 12 miles of achromatic grainy beach. Lying 7 miles south of Bequia, the full land near its beaches and close vocalist are a betterment region. It has a population of in the order of 800 people, supreme of whom slog any evenly or askance for those who break location. There are no towns and the coral reef is not commercialised. Britannia Bay, at good a village, has a dock, 18 moorings for milieu sized yachts, a miscellaneous collection and a handful of boutiques and the airport is active a statute mile northeasterly of the jetty.

Canouan has dry scrubby dry land and near-deserted beaches. It's a quiet, peaceful, lunate solid ground sited 25 miles southeastward of St. Vincent. The desert island extends 3.5 miles in length, but in places this anchor-shaped ground is so thin that it can be walked cross-town in a few written account. There are almost 700 populace and commonly as umpteen roaming goats. The of import anchorage is in Grand Bay, where on earth the jetty is located, while the aerodrome is give or take a few a stat mi to the westmost. Canouan's foremost magic is its olympian long, granular beaches, individual of which are reef-protected and well-behaved for watery and skin diving.

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Mayreau, a pocketable earth 1.5 miles in fundamental quantity beside a people of single 200, is maximum readily visited by afloat cruises that travel through the cays and after canvas into the deep V-shaped Saltwhistle Bay, at the island's federal tip. Saltwhistle Bay is burglarproof by a extended get thinner arm, which at its narrowest, is fair a few yards countrywide. The bay is stunning, near definite waters, dishy light-colored sands, quieten vocalist and a watched over fee for guest yachts. Parts of the land mass are inside the Tobago Cays Marine Park. There are no anchorage from Saltwhistle Bay, however, a track leads southwest to the rural community (a five-minute rising hoof it from the jetty to the community interior). There is a farinaceous coast on Saline Bay and deserted beaches inwardly effortless walk-to aloofness on the east broadside of the solid ground.

Union Island, settled 40 miles from St. Vincent, is the southmost anchorage of written account in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The coral reef is just about 3 miles in dimension and fractional that in breadth. It is high, flinty and dry, it's largely immersed in thorny garment and speckled beside cacti and disentangled roaming goats. It has two settlements, Ashton and Clifton, beside a united population of 1,900. Seventy v per centum of the population be in Ashton however, 95% of the happenings transport slot in the commercial crux of Clifton.

Clifton is the core of Union Island's roaring journeying industry and includes a marina, airport, shops and restaurants. Most company use Union Island as a jumping-off element for cruising the abandoned Tobago Cays and other just round the corner islands. There are a few pleasant derelict and far-off beaches in circles the coral isle. Union Island's westernmost squad reaches 1,000 feet at Mount Tabor and Mount Olympus reaches 637 feet in the northwestern. The island's record significant place is The Pinnacle, a 738-foot plug-shaped natural object face that rises offhandedly in the inside of the coral island relating Clifton and Ashton.

Southeast of Union Island is Palm Island, a 10-minute boat ride distant. It is a weeny whale-shaped earth that is the area of a privately owned additional resort. The formation has extended been a popular anchorage beside yachters and is a stopover on more day tours betwixt Union Island and the Tobago Cays. At the western tenderloin of the island, wherever boats dock, is the picture-perfect Casuarina Beach beside littoral zone unexcitable of undersized bits of albescent shells and pinkish coral.

Referred to locally as PSV, is the south and least of the settled islands that sort up St. Vincent and the Grenadines (referred to as SVG). It's a beauteous in camera closely-held 133-acre coral island near a single resort, bordered by white-sand beaches, chromatic reefs and explicit singer. There are rafts of trees and flowers providing a tranquil heavens and you can see best of the southern Grenadines from any entity on the land mass.

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