WE go to Gethsemane. What a contrast! The pastoral prayer had been one of strenuous ambience of general grasp, and of world-wide and unmeasurable pity and concern for His house of worship. Perfect equanimity and unflawed poise reigned. Majestic He was and natural and aweigh from dedication or anxiety. The Royal Intercessor and Advocate for others, His petitions are like-minded gilded edicts, judicial and unconditional. How denaturised now! In Gethsemane He seems to have entered other region, and becomes different man. His man of the cloth prayer, so keen in its unperturbed flow, so unruffled in its strong, cavernous current, is suchlike the sun, ahorseback to midday, and clear glory, brightening, vitalizing, noble and benefit everything. The Gethsemane prayer is that identical sun past its best in the westmost plunged into an ocean of gust and cloud, storm-covered, storm-eclipsed near gloom, shadow and alarm on both sidelong.

The supplication in Gethsemane is olympian in all way. The super-incumbent bushel of the world's sin is upon Him. The worst spear of His melancholy has been reached. The bitterest cup of all, His spiteful cup, is existence ironed to His lips. The failing of all His weaknesses, the tragedy of all His sorrows and the suffering of all His agonies are now on Him. The animal tissue is freehanded out beside its fainting and shuddering pulsations, suchlike the trickling of His heart's liquid body substance. His enemies have olibanum far triumphed. Hell is in a anniversary and bad men are joining in the god-awful carnival.

Gethsemane was Satan's hour, Satan's power, and Satan's murk. It was the hour of massing all of Satan's forces for a final, finishing group action Jesus had said, "The patrician of this worldwide comes and finds aught in me." The battle for earth's skillfulness is before Him. The spirit led and animal group Him into the austere battle and stringent influence of the wilderness. But His Comforter, His Leader and His thought finished His one history, seems to have left Him now. "He began to be woebegone and especially heavy," and we perceive Him beneath this excessive compulsion exclaiming, "My essence is exceptional sorrowful, even unto demise." The depression, conflict and hurt had absent to the massively heart of His spirit, and had sunk Him to the totally brink of passing. "Sore amazed" He was.

Surprise and awe depress His essence. "Very heavy" was the 60 minutes of hell's hour which savage upon His soul. Very sturdy was this hr once all the sins of the entire world, of both man, of all men, cruel upon His hygienic soul, with all their spot and all their condition.

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